Tarmac CZ a.s. and Sustainable Development

Tarmac CZ a.s. &
Sustainable Development

The company Tarmac CZ a.s. ranks among the most important mining companies in the Czech Republic.

To make the company´s development sustainable, not just for current but also for future generations, the resources, especially natural ones, have to be used effectively. There are principally three pillars the effective use of resources in the company is based on:

  1. Human resources – educated expert team, who are able to assess company needs, to propose, put through and especially implement responsibly methods leading to accomplishment of pre-set objectives. This pillar consists of:
    1. Shareholders and management, who bring and put into practice their vision in the sense, that in the course of extraction and manufacturing of natural resources values positively influencing the vast surroundings have to be created (job opportunities in the time of exploitation, local development, infrastructure build up, the creation of new important landscape elements like expanses of water during recultivation of extracted areas)
    2. Employees, having an opportunity to put into practice their objectives
    3. Suppliers and customers, creating a multiplication effect in the employment
    4. Links to surrounding villages (for example technological assistance, the villages would be otherwise unable to get themselves)
  2. Information basis – (research, development, media, fairs and exhibitions) where customers’ needs meet the possibilities of the mining company. It is necessary to influence all involved parties (investor, planner, technologist, construction supplier, user) to realise that natural resources are limited.
  3. Systems, through which the rules for individual areas will be set and defined, in order to eliminate borderline situations (accidents). The following systems are the most important:
    1. System of occupational safety and health protection (e.g. OHSAS – ISO 18001),
    2. System of energy regulation (electrical energy, fuels, other energies)
    3. System of environmental protection (e.g. EMS – ISO 14001), with the stress on:
      • Soil protection (limited occupation of soil, overburden, dumping, recultivation)
      • Rock environment (efficient use of mineral resources)
      • Air (point, surface, line resources)
      • Water (water resources, water discharge)
      • Other components of the environment

The three above pillars and their components constitute the outline of the Sustainable Development Plan, which has been elaborated by the Tarmac CZ a.s.